1-UP | Nerdcore Emulation Station | Album

1-UP | Nerdcore Emulation Station | Album

1-Up Drops Nerdcore Emulation Station Featuring… Almost Everyone.

1-Up aka Creative Mindframe aka Emmanuel Aouad has released his new album Nerdcore Emulation Station and it’s a whopper featuring a whole host of nerdcore’s current players. Mega Ran, SkyBlew, Alpha Riff, Richie Branson, Shubzilla, King Pheenix and more showcase their skills over twenty five tracks.

1-Up Describes the project:

“In the distant future, Emcees live happily across different galaxies providing entertainment and joy through their story telling to their people.

An evil force plans to put an end to all of that. The imagidrains and their evil leader devise a plan to feed on everyone’s imaginations simultaneously through an all out assault on every galaxy at once with stolen abilities.

The Emcees fight but cannot withstand this onslaught of newly found foes and their powers. A voice appears in their head and transports them all to a new world where they must venture through uncharted territories, learn new skills, and fight new enemies in order to level up.

Follow 1-UP and many other Emcees as they fight through the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and N64 defeating bosses and freeing them from the Imagidrains mind control, finding new items and leveling up so they can return to their worlds and defeat the imagidrains.”

Nerdcore Emulation Station is available to download as a name your price release via bandcamp.


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