Tom Cruise Is American Made | First Trailer

Tom Cruise Is American Made | First Trailer

Barry Seal, a TWA pilot recruited by the CIA to join one of America’s biggest ever covert operations.

Tom Cruise already has a huge summer blockbuster coming this year in the form of Universals first Dark Universe film, The Mummy.

However, this isn’t the only Tom Cruise film this year. In American Made, Tom Cruise is playing Barry Seal, an exceptional pilot who is working for TWA airlines. (TWA Airlines ceased to exist when they were acquired by America Airlines in 2001.)

He is offered the chance to work for the CIA and gather intelligence for what they believe is a growing communist threat in Central America.

American Made has been directed by Doug Liman who also brought us The Bourne Identity and worked with Cruise on The Edge of Tommorrow of which both of them will work together on a sequel that will go into production soon.

Title: American Made

Release | US: 29th September | UK: 25th August | World: IMDb


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