16-Beat Headphones – SNES / Super Famicom Themed Cans [Kickstarter]

16-Beat Headphones – SNES / Super Famicom Themed Cans [Kickstarter]

As the classic gaming renaissance moves from strength to strength, more products are tapping into retro market, including this kickstarter for SNES themed ’16-Beat’ headphones.

Paris | French designer Dorison Hugo has been tinkering with his idea of Super Nintendo themed headphones for a couple of years, and when people started showing an interest in buying them he set about working on production techniques.

Fast forward to now and Hugo has refined his design, worked out an injection moulding solution in France for the headphone cases and sourced other materials from around Europe and the U.S.

Now he’s crowdfunding the product on Kickstarter with a view to taking – what he’s branded – his 16-Beat headphones into the manufacturing stage.

16-Beat Headphones

Featuring the distinctive D-Pad and buttons from a SNES controller, Hugo has cleverly incorporated the headphone bluetooth controls into these design features. By tapping at the buttons you can pair the headphones with your device, adjust the volume and skip back and forth between tracks.

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Here’s hoping something special happens when you tap in the Konami code.

The headphones are rechargeable or operate without batteries if plugged in and used as a regular set of over-ear cans.

16-Beats come in two colourways. Purple and grey as found on a U.S. SNES or Japanese Super Famicom, or multicoloured to reflect the more colourful European stylings.

An early bird purchase of 16-Beat headphones will set you back €52.00 for the purple colourway and €56.00 for the multicoloured option.

Find out more at the 16-Beat Kickstarter page where Hugo is hoping to raise €70.000.

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