Over 16,000 Items Form The Largest X-Men Collection

Over 16,000 Items Form The Largest X-Men Collection

Eric Jaskolka officially owns the largest collection of X-Men memorabilia as verified by Guinness World Records.

U.S. resident Eric Jaskolka is officially the proud owner of the ‘Largest collection of X-Men memorabilia’ with over 16,000 individual items forming his collection, according to Guinness World Records.

Eric was introduced to the X-Men by his Sunday School teacher who also owned a comic book shop. He began collecting comics in 1989 finding a sense of escapism in the stories. Through the persecution of the Mutants in the stories, Eric found that he was able to find real life grounding in the fictional stories.

By 1994 Eric began collecting figures of X-Men characters which has subsequently grown to incorporate almost all X-Men related items.

In this ‘Meet the Record Breakers’ video, Eric takes viewers on a tour if his extensive collection.

Highlights from the ensemble include many prototype toys that never made it to production, exclusive items that were gifted to cast and crew of the X-Men movies, a extensive selection of watches and one comic in particular, “Uncanny X-Men” #268.

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Story Via: Nerdist.com | Source: Guinness World Records

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