2000 AD | The Ultimate Collection

2000 AD | The Ultimate Collection

A new collection of books promises to showcase the best of UK’s most successful science fiction comic, 2000 AD

2000 AD is the most successful and longest running science fiction comic in the UK. First published in 1977 with a new issue every week, the comic is most famous for bringing us the character of Judge Dredd.

But of course, there have been plenty of other famous characters, not just Dredd. There’s Nemesis the Warlock, Rogue Trooper, The Ballad of Halo Jones, Strontium Dog, Judge Anderson, Robo-Hunter, the list goes on!

In January of 2015, Hatchette Partworks released the start of the Judge Dredd Mega Collection which I reviewed upon release. Now they have turned their eye onto the rest of the 2000 AD world.

They asked 2000 AD’s editor to handpick what they consider to be the best stories from the 2000 AD archives and reproduce them in high-quality hard back books. Issue #1 features a character called Slaine, a Celtic King.

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Part one in the shops now!

As you can see, the first issue is only £1.99 and comes with the first book and a fold out poster. The book, much like the Judge Dredd Mega Collection, is of a very high quality. The print looks nice and the paper is also glossy and fairly thick.

The stories contained in this book take up almost the whole space with the last few pages dedicated to a textual history on the character of Slaine. Future issues promise interviews with artists, writers, and original concept sketches.

Each book features exclusive cover design artwork and if you collect the entire set, the spine of the books will create an exclusively designed piece of artwork created just for this collection.

2000ADThe gorgeous art of Simon Bisley.

If you wish to collect this series of books, your best advice is to take out a subscription. You’ll receive two books a month at a cost of £19.98, and will also receive several free gifts as your subscription progresses.

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You’ll receive a mug, wallet, bookends but the most interesting is a copy of Future Shock, the documentary on the history of 2000 AD.

The first issue is out now for £1.99. Issue #2 will retail for £6.99 and from issue #3 onwards the price will be £9.99 per book. The complete set consists of 80 books.

Hatchett Partworks have stated that any Judge Dredd stories contained in this set will not have been already part of the Judge Dredd Mega Collection.

For more information and details on how to subscribe head on over to the 2000 AD Collection website.


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