2014 | Movie Preview | Part One

2014 | Movie Preview | Part One

We look to the year ahead with our 2014 Movie Preview Part One | January to June.

2013 was a great year for sci-fi, fantasy and superhero movies with the likes of Gravity defying the critics to become a box office smash. Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Man Of Steel fulfilled our needs for superhero escapades and star Trek Into Darkness proved to be a fun ride through space. There are many more too. But what do we have to look forward to in 2014?

We take a look month by month at some of the potential cinematic blockbusters and movies for nerds.



I, Frankenstein | 24th January

Far removed from Mary Shelly’s vision, Frankenstein’s creation still walks the Earth two centuries beyond his first days and finds himself caught between an ages old war as two groups of immortals battle each other. I, Frankenstein in this incarnation is a sci-fi, action adventure.




The Lego Movie | 7th February

Borrowing from any number of existing franchises for the plot this fun family adventure brings the world of Lego to life as an ordinary builder, Emmett, is thrust into an adventure where he is the chosen. A plethora of famous voices bring life to characters that include Batman, Superman, Wonder-Woman, The Green Lantern and many, many more.

Robocop | 14th February

A re-boot of the original over-the-top, violent, action adventure where a cop is transformed into a half human, half robotic guardian of the streets. Will this version lose the charm and cheesyness that made the original so endearing? We’ll have to see.

Welcome To Yesterday | 28th February

In this film from Michael Bay a teenager discovers an old video tape of his seventh birthday party but notices his future self captured in a mirror. He and his friends set to work figuring out how this is possible when they discover his father’s plans for a time machine. Able to construct the machine they discover that they can move through time to make alterations, the effects of course have a sinister knock-on effect.



300: Rise Of An Empire | 7 thMarch

The next instalment in the 300 series of films that should follow in being ultra stylistic, graphic in its violence whilst telling the tale of Themistocles as he battles an invading army of Persians.

Need For Speed | 14th March

A spin-off movie of the popular gaming franchise the plot is likely to be pretty thin on this one. Upon release from prison a street racer framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross-country race with vengeance in mind. His former partner places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.

Muppets Most Wanted | March 21st

Despite the involvement of Ricky Gervais (I personally find him almost impossible to enjoy) this should be a hugely successful family movie for early spring. A Kermit imposter heads up a European jewellery heist  which gets the gang into all kinds of trouble.

Divergent | 21st March

Possibly a weaker film in the March line-up and worryingly listed as a sci-fi romance, Beatrice Prior is a teenager with a special mind battling against a leadership that wants to wipe out her kind.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 4th April

The ‘Cap is back in the sequel to The First Avenger. As Captain America continues to struggle with life in the modern world he faces a new threat from an old Sovier enemy, The Winter Soldier. Expect more comedy moments in this film as co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo come on-board. The pair are best known for their work on Arested Development and Community.

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Rio 2 | 11th April

A sequel to the animated hit about Blu. With his wife Jewel and kids in tow. They find themselves thrown into the Amazon jungle where Blu must face his biggest adversary, his father-in-law.

Sabotage | 11th April

Arnie is back as the leader of an elite DEA unit who pull off a risky raid on a cartel safe house. Assuming the job is done it becomes apparent that there are sinister repercussions as the money goes missing and members of the team are picked off one by one.

Transcendence | 18th April

Johnny Depp stars as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence. When faced with a terminal illness following an attack by an anti-tech faction his conciousness is uploaded resulting in him developing more power than ever expected.

Earth To Echo | 25th April

A group of friends begin receiving strange encoded messages on their mobile phones shortly after construction begins in their neighbourhood in a film that is reminiscent of those magical E.T. era films from Steven Spielberg.



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | 2nd May

The second instalment in this latest re-boot introduces Electro along with a host of other villains that may be gearing up for a Sinister Six spin-off. Peter Parker struggles with school, his personal life and being a super-hero.

Godzilla | 16th May

Director Gareth Edwards appears to be staying true to the origins of this latest Godzilla re-boot. Certainly the sleeping giant appears to hold the same form and purists should be encouraged by the roar heard in this tense trailer for what looks to be an epic, all-action motion picture.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past | 23rd May

Wolverine will be sent back in time to correct the mistakes made in history that will result in the extinction of humans and mutants. Based around the comics arc of the same name this could be the X-Men movie to salvage the franchise that has suffered of late from some below par instalments.



Edge Of Tomorrow | 6th June

Tom Cruise stars in this all action sci-fi Groundhog Day of sorts. Living the same day over and over, fighting the same endless battle, gradually he is able to learn and turn the tables with each repetition.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 | 13th June

A summer, family flick in which Hiccup and Toothless must combine skills in order to succeed in keeping the peace following the discovery of hundreds of wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider.

Transformers: Age Of Extiction | 27th June

It seems unlikely that Michael Bay can turn this franchise around but with a new leading cast, updated robots and new additions it seems likely that this movie will attract a significant audience. Rumours of the introduction of the Dinobots are also rife.


Stay tuned for our 2014 Movie Preview | Part Two


Which movies are you looking forward to in 2014? Leave a comment and we’ll read out the best on our 2014 movie preview podcast.


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