The 64 & The 64SX | A Modern Twist On The Classic Commodore 64

The 64 & The 64SX | A Modern Twist On The Classic Commodore 64

There’s an indiegogo campaign to resurrect the classic Commodore 64 both as ‘The 64’ home computer and ‘The 64SX’ handheld console.

We’ve seen the success story of the handheld Spectrum Vega+ which received over 300% funding on the crowd funding platform Indiegogo, and we’ve seen the demise of a modern retro console in the form of the Coleco Chameleon. Now there’s a campaign to breathe new life into the Commodore 64.

Going by the simple name of ‘The 64’, fans of the classic home computer are attempting to raise enough funds to get their project off the ground via an Indiegogo campaign. The Project is being led by Darren Melbourne, a veteran of the gaming industry with over 30 years experience working on games since the eighties as well as developing consoles.

The vision is to bring a new desktop version of the Commodore 64 to the masses alongside a handheld version of the machine for retro gaming on the go.

The desktop model identified as ‘The 64’ borrows from the aesthetic of the original computer, albeit in a slimmer, slightly sleeker design. The keyboard with function keys, power indicator and logo will all feel familiar to those who remember the Commodore 64, but ‘The 64’ comes with a greatly upgraded set of connections.

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Powered by mini-USB the desktop version comes with a cartridge slot reminiscent of that found on the original as well as an SD card slot. There’s an HDMI output as well as two USB ports.

The scope for gaming is impressive with thousands of ROM versions of games available online which can easily be loaded onto ‘The 64’. The manufacturers are also promising some exclusive new titles.

The 64

Whilst the smaller handheld console version of ‘The 64’ known as ‘The 64SX’ is advertised as coming pre-loaded with large range of games, the simple to use unit will also allow the user to add readily available, downloadable games.

The team have set a flexible funding target of $150,000.00 which will cover the cost of units ordered via the crowd funding campaign as well as set the company up for larger scale manufacturing.

Incentives to back the project start from as little as $10, but you’ll need to stump up at least $150.00 (£106.00) for the most basic version of the desktop computer whilst the cheapest handheld version will set you back $170.00 (£120.00).

For more information and to see all the tiers of incentives head on over to The 64’s Indiegogo campaign.

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