The DeLorean Is Back From The Past!

The DeLorean Is Back From The Past!

The DeLorean DMC-12, as made famous by the Back To The Future Trilogy, is to go back into production once again.

The original DMC-12 was first manufactured in Northern Ireland by John DeLorean’s Motor Company between 1981 and 1983 with around 9,000 produced in that time. It is believed that approximately 6,500 remain to this day.

The car’s fame was catapulted sky high when it was used as the time machine in the 1984 film, ‘Back To The Future’. The films creators chose the car because of it’s futuristic look, especially with the famous gull wing doors.

Unfortunately  the DeLorean Motor Company suffered financial problems and soon ceased to exist with the DMC-12 being the only car the company produced.

The company was restarted by Stephen Wynne in Texas in 1987. He had successfully managed to acquire all the DMC-12 parts that had been built and stored since the end of the cars production run along with all the original blueprints allowing him to create new spares if needed.

DMC Texas became the place to go if you needed anything for your DMC-12. They also offered to completely strip down your car and rebuild it from scratch.

Now more than thirty years after the DMC-12 first appeared, it will go back into production again. DMC Texas was previously prohibited from producing the famed model because the original designs belonged to John DeLorean’s estate and not the car production business.

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But even with that hurdle jumped, US law prohibited him from manufacturng new cars. Mr Wynne told Sky News,

“We’ve been stopped from going into production until now because the US treats all manufacturers the same. So up until this law was changed, if you wanted to produce cars you would have to follow the same rules and guidelines as if we were producing hundreds of thousands as opposed to producing just a handful. The legislative process and the testing just makes it cost prohibitive for a small company to achieve that.”

He added: “In December of last year, a low volume production bill was signed into law. It basically means if you are a global manufacturer of cars and you produce less than 5,000 cars a year, you can produce 325 replicas that match an original car that was made 25 years ago or earlier which fits us perfectly.”

Mr Wynne told KPRC: “It’s huge for us. It means we’re back as a car company again.”

He hopes the first new car will arrive in 2017 and is expected to sell for around $100,000.

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    January 29, 2016

    Delorean’s don’t sound too bad; admittedly, I’m not really a ‘car guy’.

    I prefer to remain low-key, and respect my privacy alot. I care deeply about everyone, and just want happiness for myself and others. In January 2015, fate – as it typically does, lead me to spend 2 weeks in 3 separate South African hospitals. I saw the sum total of ~30,000 people dying(call it two L.A. lakers stadiums worth) around me. As I ‘slept’ people died. I walked across numerous starved bodies.

    I was shocked – is an understatement. I’m from south africa, but never came that close to the ‘public health sector’. It hurt me at a level I can’t even explain. My mother had suffered from shzophenic paranoia for 13 years, and i had to go save her(again); she had attempted suicide twice prior; once I was first responder. I saw her lying in a pool of her own blood.That is irrelevant, and I digress. As i walked around this hospital seeing only the best scenes from what most people see as ‘a world vision commercial’, I tried to clean up blood that people were sleeping in, the smell still haunts me to this day, I hope nobody ever has to experience this.

    From that day I promised myself one thing: I promised myself that my purpose would be to support those that are in dire straits. At that point my net. worth was somewhere around 400k. Right then I donated 200k, and invested an additional 100k to my electric bicycle endeavour. The purpose of electric bicycles is that they can be charged by solar – thankfully abundant in Africa. They can be equipped with large baskets and track medical and other supplies into remote locations without the need for additional resources. The downside was the distribution. Even though, thankfully, I had much help, it was not good enough.

    See a bicycle in Africa is sorta like this Delorean; it is so sought after that people would literally ‘kill to have it’. I bet if Delorean found out that the exact thing it set out to accomplish actually ended up costing lives, then upper management would, hopefully, feel pretty bad. I did.

    So now, my plan is to hold off on the purchase of any high ticket items, and instead divert this money to ‘the cause’; that is so deeply embedded that I don’t sleep some nights. Food doesn’t taste as good, drinks all but nauseate me, snowboarding makes me think; “damn, i just spent $100 to go up and down this god-damned mountain 6 times, before eating my lovely lunch, surrounded by some of the most lucky people in the world”. It’s funny, sorry I didn’t mean for this comment to be so long and take so much of your time; I was in a restaurant at a local ski hill, my friends own the place. This guy and his family sit down; 2 beautiful kids, wife, and himself. I had my back to him, minding my own business – beautiful bluebird day. He ruthlessly shoves me out of the way, and says “Move, we want to sit here”(table right behind us). I paused, shocked – again, stared at him, and moved away. I was noticeably uncomfortable, and nothing I could do would allow me to ‘drop it’. I’ve lived with monks and stuff so I’m quite familiar with executive control. But I couldn’t drop it; was it the act? was it the humiliation? was it pride that haunted me? I asked myself this. To this day I don’t think it was. On my way out I went up to him and said “hey, just so you know, I feel like when you came in, pushing me out of my seat like that was really rude, and I would appreciate an apology.” he stood up and said “what are you going to do about it”… At that moment, I almost snapped; but my girlfriend at the time pulled me out the door. Having extensive martial arts training I’m confident that I would of held my own in the potential fight; and that wasn’t important. What was important was the fact that this obviously well off man, who seemingly had everything: money, beautiful family, condo on the hill, access to expensive fooderies, able to afford luxuries that 80% of the world will never experience; was dead inside. He was more dead than the children’s bodies I saw… he was dead inside. He was everything that is evil about this world. I vowed I would never be like this man.

    So now, I live a modest life of simplicity; everything in excess of what I really need to make me happy goes to fund my companies – which all donate most revenues to charity. The electric bicycle company I’m trying one more time to distribute through some smaller rural church community posts; my friend is confident this will work. I have faith in this plan. Ever once in a while some friends give me gifts like staying up at the swaski crystal place behind predator ridge there, but again – given.

    See, I don’t socialize much because I don’t share the same priorities as many in our modern culture.And (1 drink here will buy 7 children water. 1cad = 11zar.. $7 = 77zar) It’s a blessing and a curse. I don’t want notoriety, or people to feel bad about me or my story. I just want to be able to say that I tried. I want to be able to look myself in the mirror, and say to my mom – who now feeds hundreds of starving children a day through various soup kitchens in South Africa. She makes soup and then volunteers take them out to the ‘townships’. I want to say to my mom that I appreciate her example. She is the most wonderful woman anyone will ever meet, ye she’s had her trials, as we all do.. but she came out on top; and she’s dedicated her life to those less fortunate. She’s happy. Her community celebrates her like an army. Now, I don’t think I’ll ever live up to her standards, but I’m trying. I talk with her most mornings. Actually, I’m going to get on the phone with her right after I finish this comment.

    It’s like for me everytime i put out money especially for basic necessities – maslow’s triangle. I hear my mom’s voice going “bob, that could make a pot of food for 20″… now, I’m no angel, and my history is spotted like everyone’s. I was wreckless once, I’ve spent the thousands at the bar in one night, all that sorta good stuff; but ever since I saw those people dying, and I think the biggest revelation was actually the families who wept next to the dead. I tried to speak to many of the families… they nearly killed me; partly because of the now canadian accent, but mostly because of shear hopelessness. See here, in canada, even when we’re at the bottom; there’s homeless shelters and social assistance. There, in Africa, there is MILLIONS dying, political unrest, starvation; if you don’t have food, join the line. I still see that complete and utter trauma – that’s not even the word for it. tragedy, explicable pain, hurt to the core, in this woman’s eyes when her 3 month old died. I went up to her hesitantly; she was sobbing, wailing at her loss; as I approached, I felt dead, I wept; she ‘told’ me to leave.

    so yes, while this vehicle does look quite nice; regrettably, I will have to pass on the opportunity. Thank you again to all the contributors and editors of this article, and the others on the unheardnerd. I would humbly like to suggest those efforts go toward a greater initiative. I did enjoy the day’s mixtape as hiphop is sorta a reminder to me that no matter the obstacle; I don’t know if you’re been to Harlem or the Bronx,but it’s ‘ghetto’; and hiphop reminds me of those that have made it out, the success stories .it’s a reminder to me why I wake up everyday. You all are vastly talented, and I’m sure that the world could use that energy in an altruistic endeavour.

    Thanks again for the time,



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