Star Wars Legends: The Reference Collection

Star Wars Legends: The Reference Collection

The classic Star Wars comics of the last twenty years are to be reissued in this new hardback set entitled The Reference Collection.

The Star Wars stories of the last 24 years as published by Dark Horse comics are being reprinted in a luxurious hard back book set with extra collectables for those who decide to subscribe to the series. These are the Star Wars Legends: The Reference Collection.


When Star Wars first appeared in 1977, it was the famous publishing company Marvel who acquired the rights to create any comics based on that material. Marvel’s Star Wars run started with an adaptation of A New Hope and continued for the next ten years with a run of original stories before stopping in 1987.

In 1991 Dark Horse Comics picked up the Star Wars rights and published the first mini series, Dark Empire. This was followed by more titles such as Crimson Empire and Tales of the Jedi. The number of titles started to grow and expand with several stories becoming an ongoing series.

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With Disney purchasing Lucasfilm in 2012, this led to Dark Horse losing the license and the Star Wars rights reverted to Marvel (now also owned by Disney) in 2015.

Disney reset the Star Wars timeline and all of the previous Dark Horse comics were bundled under the Star Wars: Legends banner, nearly fourty years of original material that didn’t fit Disney’s new vision of the brand.

This new collection is set to reprint many of the classic Dark Horse stories in a deluxe hardback book and each issue comes with an extra eight pages of exclusive material relating to that story.

At present this set is testing in France and has been published by Hachette Collections Ltd. (known as Hachette Partworks in the UK). I wouldn’t be surprised for it to reach further shores. Here in the UK we’ve already had similar sets such as The Marvel Collection, The DC Collection and most recently Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection.

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The first four issues in the series are, (excuse my Google translations) The Awakening Of The Force, The Fate Of Darth Vader, The Prisoner Of Bogan and In The Shadow Of Yavin. These books are numbered on the spine to create a beautiful graphic once the complete collection is on your shelf.

Star Wars Legends

The first issue will retail for €3.99. Issue 2 will be €8.99 with the rest of the series retailing for €12.99. You can subscribe to the series and this will entitle you to several free gifts during the titles run including art prints and a t-shirt.

You can find out more at the official French site, Star Wars Légendes: la collection de référence.

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