Waterworld – An Introduction

Waterworld – An Introduction


I first saw Waterworld in the summer of 1995 upon its original release and I have to say that I really enjoyed the film despite the generally negative press that surrounded its release at the time.

I remember an article in the trashy British paper, The Sun, claimed the latest CGI technology was being used to add hair to Kevin Costner’s head in many scenes to hide the fact he was going bald. This was in order to convey him as a younger looking hero for the film. Highly unlikely I suspect but as I explain in the first chapter of the article, people wanted this film to flop with more rumours of sinking sets and budgets ballooning out of all proportion.

The origins of this project all began when I discovered a copy of the Waterworld PC game a few years ago which was published by Interplay. Entitled Waterworld: The Quest For Dry Land, the video segments between the game levels, which relayed the plot, were all filmed using props, costumes and even some of the original actors from the original Waterworld film.

I successfully uploaded the videos onto YouTube and started to write an article about them. This became a project of passion and the article grew bigger than I had intended it to as I started to explain the Waterworld’s troubled production history.

I decided to break down my work into three chapters. The first would detail the making of the film, trying to debunk some of the myths and rumours about its production.

The second chapter is an in-depth review of a fan edit entitled, Waterworld – The Ulysses Cut. Simply known as Marty89, a fan decided to create the longest cut of the film by combining several television broadcasts of the extended edition.

The final chapter introduces the reader to the computer game world of the late 1990s. How CD-ROM technology had changed the way games were being produced with an overabundance of live action video cut scenes.

In this final chapter, you’ll find all twenty minutes of the Waterworld: The Quest For Dry Land video sequences, the genesis of this whole project.

Also for this newly expanded and revised edition of the article is a brand new interview I conducted with Michael Conti, the live action director at Interplay during the production of Waterworld: The Quest For Dry Land.

I hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as I have writing them.

Chapter One – Nothing’s Free In Waterworld

Chapter Two – The Ulysses Cut 

Chapter Three – The Quest For Dry Land 


John Abbitt

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