A Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot And Avengers Emojis

A Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot And Avengers Emojis

A short Captain America: Civil War TV spot for the Super Bowl. But this one comes with emojis!

The Super Bowl has become synonymous with movie teasers and TV Spots in recent years. At The Unheard Nerd we don’t often bother with trailers for trailers, but this one not only gives the best look so far at the ensemble cast of Captain America: Civil War, it also comes with mother frickin emojis!

I understand the emojis are the exciting part of this post (right?… sense the sarcasm?) but let’s get the TV spot out of the way first. Upon first glance it looks like Ant-Man has a newly designed costume whilst War Machine and Iron Man no doubt have upgraded armour. Tony Stark also appears to have developed a fancy watch from which at least his hand armour appears and Black Panther looks incredible.

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You can pledge your allegiance on Twitter to #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan or show your support for some or all of the other Avengers by using the appropriate hashtag….

Avengers Emojis

Well, with one notable absence.

Spider-Man No Emoji

It looks a lot like Spider-Man won’t be playing a significant part in the plot of the movie, which isn’t a big surprise as I’m pretty certain the webslinger will likely make an appearance right at the end. The little scamp!

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