A Darker Daredevil Teaser Plus Netflix Move The Release Date Forward

A Darker Daredevil Teaser Plus Netflix Move The Release Date Forward

Only yesterday I posted a Daredevil teaser as Netflix switched on their service in 130 new countries. Now there’s a new darker look at Season 2 and a new release date too.

Netflix are really ramping up the promotional material in preparation for season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil. Yesterday we saw a teaser that reflected the streaming company’s comprehensive worldwide availability, now we’re treated to a longer, much darker teaser trailer as well as a closer release date. Although there’s no new footage this teaser manages to cleverly recap everything that happened in season 1 whilst alluding as to what’s in store in the second outing. Keep your eyes peeled for The Punisher‘s skull logo and let us know if you spot it.

Daredevil is still hell-bent on cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen by night, whilst his altar-ego Matt Murdock defends the vulnerable as a defence attorney by day. Season 2 promises to take the sinister tone to a new level as an old love interest appears in the form of Elektra and ‘the man without fear’ plays out a complex relationship with The Punisher.

Interestingly the release date has been brought forward from the 25th of March, as reported yesterday, to one week earlier when the whole of season 2 will debut on the 18th of March.

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