A Fan Produced Indiana Jones Story Is About To Whip Your Ears

A Fan Produced Indiana Jones Story Is About To Whip Your Ears

Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday is a new audio story that sounds amazing in more ways than one!

A new Indiana Jones story will be with you by the end of the week! No this isn’t the long-awaited fifth film but an audio story produced by a group of dedicated fans.

Entitled Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday, this is the brainchild of Keith Voss, the co-host of the IndyCast, a podcast dedicated to all things Indiana Jones.

The new adventure has been described as thus,

In the immediate aftermath of the second World War, Indiana Jones returns home from his time with the OSS, now weary of his daredevil past. But just when he contemplates hanging up his hat for good, an old nemesis re-emerges with a plot to not only destroy the world’s newly established peace, but also erase the last thirty years of history. In order to stop him, Indy must journey into the heart of the legendary Devil’s Triangle where he will decide to either wipe out the sins of the world, along with his own mistakes, or renew his journey and remember the adventure!

For those of you who don’t know, the OSS is the Office of Strategic Services, a World War II intelligence agency that was the basis for the CIA. As Keith said, 

“I was always curious about Indy’s OSS days since hearing that line in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I felt that after that line alone there were further adventures in store for Indy, either in comic, novel or radio drama form. Given the time period and the mystical circumstances, the Bermuda triangle would be a perfect fit for an Indiana Jones adventure, so I got right to work.”

Keith’s story was handed over to playwright and producer Tim Bungeroth who turned the story into a feature-length screenplay. This was then adapted for radio by Raiders Radio founder Alex Levitsky, who not only engineered the drama and its unique score but also voiced the role of its titular hero, Indiana Jones.

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For me, if I don’t believe that the actor portrays a believable Indiana Jones then the audio story will become harder to enjoy. Alex Levitsky says, 

“I was cast as the lead because my voice naturally fell into a similar tone. But the role requires more because it’s not simply playing Indy — it’s playing Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones. So I studied the unique minutiae of Harrison Ford’s taylored portrayal of Indy over four films and found a middle ground between them. It was an understood ‘must’ that the audience believe.”

This hasn’t been a quick or easy task either as the project has taken five years to come to fruition. It’s being treated much like Lucasfilm’s multimedia Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire project from 1996 where everything was created except for the film itself. You can already download many tracks of Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday‘s original score.

As a long time fan of Indiana Jones, I can’t wait to hear this new adventure which sounds amazing from both a story and a technical standpoint of view.

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Indiana Jones and the Bridge to Yesterday will be released over at The IndyCast on April 5th.

For more information about the story and its production with links to downloading the score, visit their Facebook page.

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