A Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road is racing into stores this summer

A Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road is racing into stores this summer

Get ready for some serious Luigi side-eye, Hot Wheels style. The toy car company are releasing a Rainbow Road race set this summer.

Hot Wheels’ ‘Rainbow Road’ race set has been confirmed for a summer release after a mistake led to a pre-emptive listing on Amazon. The set appeared on the online retail site earlier than planned, following ‘MAR10 Day’ celebrations. Pre-orders were taken with a release date set as May 29th. The listing was soon removed with Amazon promising refunds to anyone that had already stumped up the $119.00 asking price. Fans will now have to wait a month or two longer for the ‘Rainbow Road’ set to hit stores in the summer.

The set reportedly comes bundled with Mario and King Boo karts with other characters available to purchase separately. The five lane track can be configured in different ways, be it a straight sprint or a winding configuration. Lakitu features at the starting gate and the finishing line will indicate which Kart wins.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart vehicles and smaller race sets are already available to buy, but none are quite as colourful as this set which takes inspiration from the famous Rainbow Road Raceway found in the game.

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