Film Stories, A New Film Magazine For Children Would Like Your Help!

Film Stories, A New Film Magazine For Children Would Like Your Help!

From the creator of Den of Geek and Film Stories comes a new film magazine for kids, Film Stories Jnr.

Simon Brew created the website Den Of Geek in 2007. The web site provides news and reviews of anything related to “geek culture” and covers films, television, comic books and video games.

The site has grown from strength to strength with offices in both the UK and US. It is one of my daily goto sites for news and information.

Simon left Den of Geek in October of 2018 for a change of career with seemingly no plans in place. A few months earlier Simon had started recording and releasing the Film Stories podcast.

Each half-hour episode of Film Stories contains stories about the sometimes troubled development of films. For example the story of The Adventures of Tin Tin. Originally a live-action adaptation we learn how Spielberg involved Peter Jackson and the project became a CGI animated project instead.

As a fellow film nerd, I find these podcasts both a fascinating and entertaining half hour. If you love film as much as I do, I highly recommend them.

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Spurred on by his love of film, Simon launched a Kickstarter for Film Stories magazine. The magazine was created to cover the films that often get overlooked. Offering coverage to those new filmmakers and smaller independent films.

Simon was also offering writing work to anyone. His main goal was to give two writers their first paid writing work in every issue (spoiler! a goal he has smashed).

The crowd-sourcing was successful and issue 6 was released just this month. The magazine covers many aspects of film and one of the reasons I subscribe is because of the diversity of articles.

Film Stories has had such articles as the history of cult Yahoo Serious film, Young Einstein, behind the scenes on the original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the story of the last video rental shop in Scotland!

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Now Simon hopes to bring this format to the younger viewers and has started a Kickstarter for Film Stories Jnr.

Film Stories Jnr. is aimed at children aged fifteen and under and the target is to get 75% of each magazine written by them too. The magazine will cover any film up to the UK 12A rating.

I personally think this is a great idea, I can’t think of any film print media that is aimed at such a young audience. This is also a great creative outlet for all the young film fans out there.

Film Stories Jnr Kickstarter has only just launched and will hopefully reach its target. A pledge of just £15 will get you the first four issues.

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