A Short Tease Of The Warriors Of Future | Trailer #1

A Short Tease Of The Warriors Of Future | Trailer #1

An alien plant life crashes to Earth in Hong Kong’s biggest sci-fi action yet, Warriors of Future

Warriors of Future, a new science fiction film from Hong Kong, has been a long time coming and the hard work hasn’t stopped yet.

Originally announced in 2015 under the title Virtus, the film had been in pre-production for over a year. By the time they started the four-month principle photography shoot, that pre-production time had finally come to an end at a staggering three years.

Once the filming finished last year came more hard work as the Warriors of Future is currently in the middle of an eighteen-month post-production schedule creating the extensive CGI work.

Warriors of Future will apparently be the biggest Hong Kong sci-fi action film to date with a budget of US $56 million.

The film’s plot, set in 2055, is set in a world ravaged by the effects of pollution and global warming. A meteorite crashes to the ground bringing with it an alien plant life which gains the nickname “Pandora”.

As the “Pandora” grows, it purifies the Earth but destroys everything in its path. The heavily armoured military of Hong Kong set out to destroy the alien plant but fails, but in doing so uncovers a conspiracy.

I have to admit this looks pretty good and I’m very intrigued. Unfortunately, Warriors of Future won’t be released until sometime in 2019.


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