A Street Fighter II: Champion Edition arcade cab, but 12″ tall

A Street Fighter II: Champion Edition arcade cab, but 12″ tall

Many gamers would love a classic arcade cabinet in their collection, but who has the space? This miniature Street Fighter II: Champion Edition cab offers a solution.

New Wave Toys have an interesting niche in the gaming world. The company manufactures limited edition, fully-functional, miniature arcade cabinets that replicate their full-sized classic counterparts in intricate detail.

With twenty years of experience behind them, the company already manufacture and sell 12″ tall ‘Replicade’ cabinets that replicate Centipede and Tempest.

Each unit is built to a sixth scale of the full-sized cab and is handcrafted from wood and metal and finished with high quality authentic vinyl overlays. Custom made, scaled down controls are fully functional and the cabs run the original arcade ROM.

Such is New Wave Toys’ devotion to authenticity that each if their machines is fully licensed by the original manufacturer. This includes Capcom for the latest addition to the range. Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is the next arcade classic to be shrunk down.

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First released in 1992, this popular competitive fighting game introduced refinements to the series. Four Grand Masters would form the final four opponents in single player mode, and the option for mirror-matches (Being able to pit a character against a version of itself).

You can register your interest in the Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Replicade and find out more about existing products at newwavetoys.com.

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