About The Unheard Nerd

About The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd is the creation of Will Harrison and began life in May 2011 as a simple blogger site with the sole purpose of reviewing Nerdcore Hip-Hop albums and EPs. When ploughing through some hard-on-the-ears releases Will discovered that this was more of a burden than a joy.

With the site falling dormant inspiration returned to Will once again in September 2011 following a visit to a live recording of the Space Monkey’s Podcast. Two thirds of the SModcast Podcast Network’s weekly show Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave, Bryan Johnson and Brian Quinn had travelled to the UK for a short tour. Buoyed by the experience Will deleted the content that existed on the site and wrote a review of the live show with a new agenda. To only write about things he enjoyed be it music, culture, tv and film or even podcasts. The review he wrote soon spread via twitter and ultimately being read out by Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic on the SMorning show. Johnson, Chen and Zapcic will now be familiar to many from their television series shown on AMC in America, Comic Book Men. Brian Quinn has found worldwide success with his show Impractical Jokers.

Prompted by the mention on The SMorning Show the site, now receiving thousands of hits a month, began to grow quickly. It wasn’t long before help was needed and Will recruited the help of long-time friend John Abbitt. Will had noticed that John had a knack for filling his facebook feed with the latest movie news before many other outlets. In need of a creative outlet since his own site had fallen silent, John jumped on-board and has become the second head of this ever expanding source of nerd culture and news.

As the years have rolled on collaborators and contributors have come and gone. Some have endured like Chadley and Tristan who create Impossible Gaming, a comedy YouTube show dedicated to retro gaming. Forrest aka ‘Stiborge’ contributes thought provoking articles and music reviews. Stuart aka ‘2 Button Hero’ brings a unique view of retro gaming through his articles and review. Our network of friends hail from around the globe including the U.K. the U.S. and Canada. Our readership is worldwide.

We don’t aim to break world exclusives, though on occasion we have, and we don’t aim to compete with those sites that have a dedicated team of researchers and writers behind them. What we do aim to do is spread the word to the nerd. Cherry pick the stories relevant to likeminded people, promote independent nerd culture and provide a voice for the unheard nerds around the globe.

We think we’re succeeding too!

Through daily updates to the website, social media our podcasts and YouTube content we believe we provide something no other site does.

Most importantly it’s our readership, listeners and viewers that are the most important factor. We thank you for your support and feedback over the last five years. Without you, there is no us.


Bringing the word to the nerd since 2011 – The Unheard Nerd.

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