Action Comics #1000 Marks A Significant Milestone

Action Comics #1000 Marks A Significant Milestone

As we near the 80th anniversary of Superman, Action Comics, the book in which it all started, celebrates its 1000th issue.

In June 1938 the superhero genre was born with the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1. Just two months short of the eightieth anniversary of that historic moment, Action Comics reaches a significant milestone with its 1000th issue.

DC Comics have marked the occasion with a bumper 80 page celebration that brings together classic writers and artists with modern talent. Ten short stories draw on the Man of Steel’s extensive history in both sentiment and style.

Reaching that 1000th issue hasn’t been a straight line. DC rebooted Action Comics back to #1 with their 2011 ‘New 52’ reset before returning the status quo in 2016 with #957 – carrying on where they left off, plus the 52. At this point the once monthly comic become twice monthly significantly accelerating the issue count.

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Action Comics #1000

Action Comics #1000 comes with eleven variant covers

With Superman about to reach eighty years old these milestones hold more significance than a simple celebration of the Man of Steel. Almost eight decades ago Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster struck gold with their creation. The first superhero that spawned a genre.

So as we celebrate 1000 issues of Action Comics and 80 years of Superman, we are in essence celebrating the birth of the Superhero, and that’s a great thing.

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