Action Figures x Hip-Hop = Trap Toys

Action Figures x Hip-Hop = Trap Toys

Cross Eazy-E with He-Man, give Spider-Man an urban twist, put them into action figure form and what you end up with is an easy way to empty your wallet.

Trap Toys roll out of the UK and are putting an original twist on action figures. Their bootleg creations combine a love of hip-hop artists, style and attitude with collectable figurines and pop-culture.

The adventure began when two guys (Tony and Adam) came up with an idea to make custom toys that merged pop-culture with hip-hop. Their first creation was of Action Bronson in the style of The Simpsons. Since then demand has grown for their unique creations gaining them acknowledgement and acclaim in the ‘cool press’ from the likes of Scroobius Pip on his Distraction Pieces podcast and Noisy, a subsidiary of Vice.

Whilst demand has grown for their creations the figures command a hefty price tag, generally around £50 a piece and come in small runs that sell out fast. A particularly rapid seller at the moment is ‘Spider-Mandem’, a collaborative effort between Trap Toys and artist Richt. Another collaboration is their most recent piece of genius which involved illustrator Dan Evans whose concept ‘Eazy-He’ brings together N.W.A. legend Eazy-E with eighties cartoon character He-Man.

Their range is limited at present with only a handful of toys and t-shirts available as and when batches become available, but given the kudos being heaped on the boys at Trap Toys you can only expect more great things.

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I had hoped to bring an interview with Trap Toys for the site, but so far my email enquiry has been met with radio silence. However, the brief piece on Noisey is worth a read for a flavour of where the endeavour originates and some of the process behind the products.

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