Adam Warrock | Gifted Student | Review

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Adam Warrock | Gifted Student | Review

Another kick-ass EP from the Warrock/kHill combo exhibiting all the traits of a Gifted Student.

The Browncoats and Slytherin House Mixtapes form just the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality collaborations between vocalist Adam Warrock and vocalist/producer Mikal kHill, Warrock’s latest EP is almost the cherry on the cake for the pair.

Constantly perfecting his art, Adam Warrock is famous in the nerdcore community for his prolific output. Literally hundreds of free tracks stream constantly from his website as the talented rapper pours out his unique commentary on a wide scope of modern pop culture. Comics, movies, TV shows and gaming form a basis. But hey, an indie rapper needs to eat, right? So here’s why you should seriously consider purchasing Warrock’s latest EP, Gifted Student.

First up Warrock has collaborated with Mikal kHill again, a not uncommon occurrence I’ll grant you, but considering the rich vein of form the pair have enjoyed via the Browncoats Firefly tribute, the Slytherin House Harry Potter Tribute and not forgetting the incredible collaboration the pair undertook with Opera Memphis to blend Hip-Hop with La Boheme? you know to expect something special. kHill of course recently released his latest album The Snuggle Is Real towards the end of last year which exhibited a tremendous leap forward in both his vocal and production skills.

Featured artists include some usual suspects. Mikal kHill’s partner in the Thought Criminals, Sulfur, teams up with Random aka MegaRan, who has recently signed a records deal to distribute his new album Soul Veggies, on the track Prometheus. Mikal kHill pitches in on vocal duties a track earlier on The Bottom. All good stuff. But what does it sound like?

Upbeat, fun and filled with nerdy reference? I’m in! If the title track doesn’t elevate the corners of your mouth then you’ve had a very bad day. Turn off this EP for now and listen to some earlier Mikal kHill solo releases with a stiff drink (He’s considered terminally miserable you know, which isn’t strictly true). Warrock’s lyrics bounce out of the speakers with enthusiasm buoyed by uplifting samples looped over uncomplicated punchy kicks and snares.

It could be said that Warrock falls too easily into a comfortable, familiar flow on many of his tracks. Well, yeah, he has his style and this release is no different much of the time. However there are notable moments that demonstrate some deviation in his delivery as he switches up the pace. The production is solid throughout, though if I had to be hyper critical it could be said that the sample on Lost In Translation relies too heavily on the beat to disguise the transition. A petty gripe and one that shouldn’t put anyone off.

Nerds Won’t Dance To This could be the catalyst for a whole new sub,sub-genre. Nerdcore Disco anyone? (If you dig this track perhaps check out The Disco System by Soup or Villainz) and the bonus final track Star-Lord (Remix) is something of a stand-out.

I’ve been listening to Gifted Student several times a day for the last three of four days causing me to ignore much of the ever increasing pile of albums and EPs left to review. I love pretty much everything about it but I can’t quite bring myself to believe that it’s a perfect release. I think there are bigger and better things to come from Warrock and kHill on future releases. At least, I hope so.

Gifted Student is available to stream, digitally download ($8) or purchase on CD ($10) via Adam Warrock’s bandcamp page now.


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