Adam Warrocks 24hr Rapathon Is Underway | Updated

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Adam Warrocks 24hr Rapathon Is Underway | Updated

Attempting to beat the sixteen tracks he made in 24 hours last year Adam Warrock raises money for

When Warrock’s laptop and equipment used for recording and gigging were stolen last year he came up with a creative way of raising the funds to replace them. He embarked on a 24 hour rapathon which would involve him finding a beat, writing the lyrics and recording as many full length songs as possible in the time period. Fans could pledge funds either as a lump sum or per song. The response was great as Adam created sixteen tracks and raised almost $8000.00. With the total raised more than covering the amount he needed to replace his equipment the excess was donated to RAINN, America’s largest anti-sexual assault charity.

This year he’s attempting to create even more music in the time frame and he’s under way with four tracks created at time of writing. Aptly Warrock kicked things off with a track titled 24 follow by Kick Punch (Presumably a Community tribute?), The City (Batman) and a comics related subject is represented in Dazzler.

Funds raised this year will be split between personal use (a full time indie rapper’s gotta eat) with a proportion once more heading to RAINN. Once again fans can pledge per song (with an optional cap) or as a lump sum by emailing and pledging. So the more you donate, the more goes to RAINN.

For all the information and to download the tracks as their created head on over to Adam Warrock’s tumblr page. Oh! and just for fun, comment with how many tracks you think Adam can create in 24 hours.


Congratulations to Adam Warrock who created no fewer than 18 new tracks in around 20 hours before falling in as fatigue took over. For full details and download links head over to Adam’s tumblr page.

1. “24” | 2. “Kick Punch” | 3. “The City” | 4. “Dazzler” | 5.“Legend” | 6. “Ebola” | 7.“Nelson & Murdock” | 8. “Mutant Revolution” |9. “Batroc” | 10. “Spider-Gwen” | 11. ”John::Jean” | 12. ”Comics & Video Games” | 13. ”Lying” | 14. ”No Hooks” | 15. ”Anti-Hero” | 16. ”Fin Fang Foom” | 17. “Steve Rogers” | 18. “Hard Times”


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