Adam Warrock’s Fourth Annual Donation Drive Is In Full Effect

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Adam Warrock’s Fourth Annual Donation Drive Is In Full Effect

Get exclusive incentives and music when you donate to Adam Warrock’s annual donation drive and help him keep creating free music.

We all love free music right? And there are few artists that provide as many free tracks as Adam Warrock in a year, but the life of a full-time indie rapper isn’t one that sees a steady flow of green filling your wallet. So each year Warrock spends the month of June rallying the troops in a bid to raise some much needed income to enable him to continue touring, recording and most importantly for fans, releasing a steady flow of free music.

How does it work? Head on over to, click the link and donate via paypal. You can donate any amount and still receive the same incentives which are: A new mixtape album, a new live band album and a Super Art Fight pinup gallery. In addition, throughout the donation drive, all of Adam’s paid for releases are free to download too!

In Warrock’s own words, here’s why you might want to donate: “I have released almost 600 free songs on my website over the past 5 years of its existence. Because I never accept donations at any other point during the year. Because I have never monetized my Youtube account with ads. Because web hosting isn’t free. Because I’m 100% independent, no agents, no managers, no bookers, no merch people, no interns, no financial backing, no nothing. Because Internet content should be free. Because indie music and great web content should be supported. Because this isn’t a kickstarter. Because you want tshirts and new albums and posters and shows. Because maybe, over the past four years you’ve enjoyed a song or two, and maybe you’d find it in your heart to drop some money in the bucket to help me keep doing this, and doing good things for nerd and geek culture. Because it’s the right thing to do!”

Here’s a taster of what to expect as Adam teams up with Mikal kHill for a new Browncoats track, Shiny.



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