Adidas are releasing a Luke Skywalker ‘Stan Smith’ variant

Adidas are releasing a Luke Skywalker ‘Stan Smith’ variant

Even Rebels from a galaxy far, far away need to look fly at the Cantina disco. Adidas are dropping Luke Skywalker ‘Stan Smith’ variants this month.

Adidas continue to add more styles to their Star Wars range of footwear. The latest, due to drop at the end of the month, are these Luke Skywalker themed ‘Stan Smith’ shoes.

A classic silhouette, the ‘Stan Smith’ has been one of Adidas’ most popular sellers since the ’70s. The shoes take their name from the legendary American tennis player. In this iteration the iconic design will bear the name of a somewhat different hero of that era.

Luke Skywalker ‘Stan Smith’ sneakers come in a chalk white/cloud white/ bright blue colourway. A picture of Luke can be found on the left insole with an image of an Imperial location on the right. A black and white depiction of Luke also appears on the tongue of each shoe.

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On the heel, where you might ordinarily find the famous Adidas trefoil logo, you will instead discover the rebel alliance insignia.

The laces come with dubrae (small metal tags) that read ‘Star’ and ‘Wars’ on each shoe respectively. Four other tags come in the box representing an X-Wing, a lightsaber, Yoda and R2D2, allowing you to switch your style.

An otherwise classic design and colourway is broken slightly by one small, subtle detail. Through translucent blue soles the word “Nooooo!!!” can be read. The exclamation is in tribute to the line Luke shouts when he first discovers who his father is. Packaging for the shoes is designed to look like a toy box.

Luke Skywalker ‘Stan Smith’ sneakers are due to drop on July 23rd and cost $120. Find them at The shoes are not listed on Adidas’ UK site at the time of writing but expect them there soon.

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