Alien Identity | What Happened to Newt?

Alien Identity | What Happened to Newt?

A new fan film based in the ‘Aliens’ universe decides to explore the theory of what could of  happened to Newt had she not been killed off at the beginning of ‘Alien 3’.

‘Aliens’ has always been one of my long time favorite science fiction films. Not only is it a sequel to the original classic, ‘Alien’, but it also stands up on its own. A brilliant piece of 1980’s cinema.

A major plot thread of ‘Aliens’ deals with Ripley coming to terms with the loss of her daughter and how a lone survivor from an alien infested colony, Newt, fills that gap in her life. So it was with some disappointment that we all discovered in 1992 with the release of ‘Alien 3’ that Newt was killed before the film had even begun.

Newt’s alternate timeline was explored via Dark Horse Comics long before the release of ‘Alien 3’ but now a group of dedicated fans are going to create a short film with their version of events.

Entitled ‘Alien: Identity’, the film will be set fourteen years after the events of ‘Aliens’ and considers ‘Alien 3’ and ‘Alien Resurrection’ cryo-sleep nightmares that never really happened.

An intriguing cast is already in place with Elle Sonnet set to play Newt. Ricco Ross is back but this time playing Private Richard Frost, the brother of Robert who unfortunately didn’t survive the events of the original film. Ricco will also be producing.

Finally, the original Newt, actress Carrie Henn, is coming back to play elder Newts mother in a flashback sequence. She says,

“I am looking forward to working on Aliens from a different perspective. I can’t wait to hear what all the fans think!”

Finally here’s a word from Alien:Identity director, Adam Sonnet,

“I just want to say that I am very thankful to the fans for their encouragement and support for this very exciting film. We’re bringing some of the best talent on board to give it the quality and purity it deserves. We will be revealing more surprises in the coming months.”

You can find out more details here at the films official website. A kickstarter will be launched soon to help with production.


Thanks to Den of Geek.

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