Alien: Isolation Sequel Announced But Fans Are Sceptical

Alien: Isolation Sequel Announced But Fans Are Sceptical

20th Century Fox announced the long-awaited sequel to Alien: Isolation, however, it’s not what we hoped for

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega in October of 2014, Alien: Isolation was a fantastic survival horror game. Set 15 years after the events of the original Alien film from 1979, you played as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the film’s Ellen Ripley.

Amanda is investigating the disappearance of her mother and ends up at the damaged space station, the Sevastopol, where the alien menace has been let loose. You can read my thoughts on the game from my October 2016 review.

Despite generally positive press reviews and several game accolades, Sega said Alien: Isolation underperformed in terms of sales, although we fans still held out hope for a sequel.

Recently 20th Century Fox has been teasing us with cryptic posts via social media such as this one below from Twitter.

As you saw from the end of the video, the reveal of the A.Ripley nametag and the related hashtag got us all rather excited.

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Today was the big reveal and the question was finally answered. Yes, we’re getting a sequel, but it’s not for PC or console, it’s a game for your mobile devices.

Entitled Alien: Blackout, the mobile game has Amanda and her crew trapped on a space station where an alien xenomorph has escaped.

But rather than trying to survive via some form of 1st or 3rd person control, Alien: Blackout has you overseeing the whole space station and making decisions using security cameras, a motion tracker and a holographic map.

The game promises to continue the story of Amanda Ripley and unveil the secrets of her story which is set between the films of Alien and Aliens.

The game is being developed by D3 Go! and you can read a little more about Alien: Blackout at their official site. A brief video teaser can be watched below.

Alien: Blackout will be released on Android and iOS on January 24th.


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