Aliens: Neoplasma Arrives For Your ZX Spectrum!

Aliens: Neoplasma Arrives For Your ZX Spectrum!

A new ZX Spectrum game for 2019 based on the popular 1986 sci-fi movie, Aliens

Many moons ago, I wrote an article here at The Unheard Nerd detailing the two different releases of the game Aliens for the 8-bit home computers of the 1980s.

Based upon the action sci-fi film of the same name that was released in 1986 and directed by James Cameron, each game featured very different styles of gameplay.

Now in 2019, another Aliens based game has arrived for the 8-bit home computer, more specifically the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This is Aliens: Neoplasma.

Officer Lieutenant Ashley Smith is awoken from Hypersleep mid-flight on board the spaceship Achilles. She will soon discover that the alien menace has made its way onboard and she must find a way to escape. Along the way, she will discover who has done this and why.

Written by a three-man crew of Russian homebrew programmers calling themselves the Sanchez Crew (Alexander Udotov, Rogulin Eugeny & Oleg Nikitin), this new game is a classic platformer much like AlienĀ³ by Acclaim Entertainment that was released for the 16-bit consoles in 1993.

Aliens: Neoplasma was written as part of the Russian ZX Spectrum event known as ZXDEVMIA 2019. From what I gather, there was a friendly competition to remake classic games from other platforms and to see if they could be squeezed into the small technical confines of a ZX Spectrum.

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The game itself is fantastic. Lots of colour, large detailed sprites and pixel-perfect platforming action. You’ll have to deal with both aliens and facehuggers as well as the dangers presented by the ship itself.

I was only going to play the game for a few minutes and ended up completing it twice to reveal the two different endings. If this had been released during my childhood I would’ve bought this game at full price on the day of release. My childhood computer + one of my favourite sci-fi films = nerdgasm!

If this game has been released back in the late eighties I’m sure it would’ve been a Crash Smash! Crash was a popular British Spectrum gaming magazine and that was the name of the award given to a game that scored 90% or more.

You can download Aliens: Neoplasma to play on original ZX Spectrum hardware or just use the built-in emulator over at ZX Online.

If you just want to see the full game, here is a complete walkthrough


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