Predator vs. Colonial Marines In An Immersive 360° Video

Predator vs. Colonial Marines In An Immersive 360° Video

Loot Crate celebrates this month with the theme of ‘Versus’ and release an unofficial fan made 360° video of Predator vs. Colonial Marines.

Loot Crate, the subscription service that sends you a monthly box of geeky items such as t-shirts, comics and vinyl Funko dolls have unveiled the latest theme for their March edition.

Entitled ‘Versus’, the contents of the March Loot Crate are going to be themed around the battles between iconic characters, as the web site states,

We’re exploring some of pop culture’s greatest rivalries: Dark Knight vs Man of Steel! Alien vs Predator! Spock vs Mirror Universe Spock! Daredevil vs Punisher! Harley Quinn vs…everyone!

To help celebrate this theme, Loot Crate have released this awesome fan made video. When a squad of Colonial Marines try to capture a Predator alive in a Weyland Yutani warehouse, you know it’s not going to go as planned.

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This video has been shot with a static camera that films with a full 360° video, so don’t forget to move the view around and watch as the action unfolds around you.

Click here to find out more about Loot Crate.


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