Amplitude Problem | Blue Bots Dots | Non-Review

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Amplitude Problem | Blue Bots Dots | Non-Review

Amplitude Problem presents music I’m not qualified to review.

Hands up, it’s a bust… there’s just no way I could honestly review this album, I’m simply not qualified. Amplitude Problem aka Juan Irming is the producer behind YTCracker’s recent epic album Introducing Neals, and whilst we catch our breath in the aftermath of that we’re treated to his instrumental solo release Blue Bots Dots.

Channeling the spirit of nineties video game soundtracks, electronic music of the same era and a blend of eighties sensibilities with a contemporary twist Blue Bots Dots is hard to place musically. I’m no aficionado of chiptune and I hated most eighties music, which at times seems to be a huge influence in this 10 track album – the wavey synths and slap bass would ordinarily have me skipping a track, yet somehow there’s enough else going on to maintain my interest. Elements of nineties electronic music (Utah Saints sprung to mind) do find me reminiscing, and even comparisons to Amplitude Problem’s contemporary peers, like a particular favourite of mine, Egadz, held my attention.

The problem is, I don’t know enough about what I’m listening to to give an educated, well reasoned review. So there is no rating out of five, there are no technical criticisms or stand-out tracks. Clearly the album is well produced, though lacking much of a punch in my opinion, but due to the style rather than the mixing. Is it well composed? I’d say yes… but I couldn’t say for sure. All I can honestly say is that I’ve listened to the album in its entirety a number of times over the last month or so, I’ve enjoyed it each time but it hasn’t inspired me to seek out more of the same.

Blue Bots Dots is available to download now as a name your price release on bandcamp.

Why don’t YOU tell me if it’s any good in the comments?


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