An Indie Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller With A Familiar Plot, Aurora | Trailer

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An Indie Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller With A Familiar Plot, Aurora | Trailer

A successful Kickstarter campaign starts to bear fruit in the first trailer for Aurora.

The basics behind the plot of indie film Aurora sound somewhat familiar. Set in 2080, 60 years after super-intelligent computer Kronos determined that humans are the biggest threat to Earth, built an army of giant robots, wiped out most of the human race and took over the world. The story follows lead character Andrew. Involved in a car accident on the day of the robot uprising he wakes to find the human race almost extinct. Crossing paths with a girl named Calia, the pair venture to the last safe stronghold for humans. As their feelings for each other grow stronger their lives are rocked by a devastating discovery. Andrew isn’t human.

Not particularly inspiring so far, but there may be more to this movie than the plot suggests. Pitched as a romantic sci-fi thriller, there’s a hint that this may not to be a straight ‘human vs robot survivor tale’, rather a “twisted robot love story” according to director Robert Kouba. The movie gained a hefty $56,000 in backing when Kouba turned to Kickstarter to get the project off the ground back in 2013. Kouba has received much acclaim with a string of shorts including 2012s the Rift.

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This new trailer for Aurora shows a slick looking movie. No release date has been announced at this time but expect a limited release later this year.


The Aurora Kickstarter Trailer:

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