An Unused Ghostbusters Theme Song Resurfaces After 37 Years!

An Unused Ghostbusters Theme Song Resurfaces After 37 Years!

A song written to be used as the title track for Ghostbusters is unearthed by the artist 37 years later.

When a film goes into production, they’ll sometimes ask a selection of artists to provide a tune they can attach to the project. What could be more memorable than Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters.

This means that alternative songs fall to the wayside. Sometimes, they’ll still appear via other means. For example, the Manic Street Preachers wrote a song for the 1995 Stallone film, Judge Dredd. Entitled “Judge Yourself” it wasn’t used and ended up on one of their later albums.

Another example would be Radiohead, who wrote a song for the James Bond film, Spectre. Again it wasn’t used, but the band released it themselves via SoundCloud a little while after.

Most of the time, we never know of these alternatives but with this unused Ghostbusters track, we knew this not to be the case.

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The teaser trailer for Ghostbusters features a song using the title as a chorus in the latter half. So we knew for the last thirty years that this song existed and maybe someone still had a copy.

Hughes/Thrall was a musical project formed in 1982 by former Deep Purple and Trapeze bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes and guitarist Pat Thrall. They had recorded their first album and released the self-titled Hughes/Thrall in August 1982.

There were plans to write a second album and some demos were produced, but plans were eventually scrapped, and the duo went their separate ways, working with each other on and off over the coming years.

One of their later projects was the 1987 song “City of Crime” which was used as the theme to the film Dragnet starring Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd.

But rewind a few years, and it was Hughes/Thrall that submitted their version of a Ghostbusters theme tune but as we all know, it was turned down for the now infamous Ray Parker Jr version.

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Many people have looked high and low for this version, hoping that after all this time that something still exists.

Well, this week, Path Thrall himself posted the demo version of the complete song to his SoundCloud account with the following amusing information,

“This is the demo Hughes/Thrall and Peter Aykroyd pitched for the movie. It was declined. There has a been a version posted on YouTube claiming to be the HT demo but it wasn’t. Here for the first time it is finally posted. The guy that mixed it had been awake for a week on cocaine. It is one of the worst mixes ever”

It definitely has that eighties vibe to it, and despite the terrible mix, it’s quite catchy. You can listen for yourself below.

Pat Thrall · Hughes – Thrall Ghostbusters Demo 1983

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