Analogue Pocket pre-orders open next month

Analogue Pocket pre-orders open next month

Pre-orders for the Analogue Pocket console begin in August, but shipping has been pushed back to May 2021 due to Covid-19.

Announced in October 2019, the Analogue Pocket was expected to be with us sometime in 2020. That date has now been pushed back to May 2021 proving once more that Covid-19 is the reason we can’t have nice things.

Analogue are now synonymous with creating stylish modern hardware through which original games cartridges can be played. The latest of which is the Pocket. A slick homage to Nintendo’s GameBoy and the company’s first attempt at a handheld.

Out of the box the Pocket will play GameBoy cartridges, but gamers are treated to much more. Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx games can also be used with the additional purchase of adaptors for each. They cost $29.99 a piece.

If you fancy kicking back at home you can hook the Pocket up to a television for big-screen gaming. With the $99.99 docking station you can easily connect via HDMI and up to four wireless controllers can be paired. Multi-player gaming doesn’t have to be restricted to the home though. With the Pocket to Pocket link cable ($15.99) up to four Analogue handhelds can be connected.

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Still there’s more. Each unit comes with a built in digital audio workstation called Nanoloop. You can sequence music on the device and even plug it into your computer or other hardware and use it as a tool for making Chiptune anthems. You’ll need a midi cable for that costing $19.99.

There are some cool features that don’t come with an additional cost attached. Whilst the device comes with display that boasts the highest resolution ever found on a handheld it can also emulate the look of the original devices. An original GameBoy game can played in monochrome.

The Analogue Pocket comes with a sleep and wake function. A tap of the power button sends the device into sleep mode. Another tap will wake it and you’ll be able to resume your game exactly where you left off.

Great news for developers too. The console is compatible with GB Studio, allowing games to be made with no coding experience, as well allowing for FPGA development.

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Quite the box of tricks then – and all yours for the price of $199.99 plus the cost any or all of the additional cables, docks, cases, screen protectors, chargers and adaptors you might need.

All flippancy aside, the Analogue Pocket looks lovely and I would love one to be able to play the multitude of Game Gear games I have lying around. Sadly, like everyone else, I’ll have to wait until next May at the earliest to get my hands on one. That is, if I happen to find a spare couple of hundred dollars laying around.

More information on the Analogue Pocket can be found here. Pre-orders can be placed from August 3rd.

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