Analogue Re-Ignite The ’90s Console Wars With The Mega Sg

Analogue Re-Ignite The ’90s Console Wars With The Mega Sg

Analogue are a company all about retro gaming, and they want to stoke the flames on the ’90s console wars with their newest machine. The ‘Mega Sg’.

Having carved out a niche for bringing classic consoles into the modern age, it seems that Analogue are on a mission to reignite the 16-Bit console wars of the ’90s.

The company have already enjoyed success and positive reviews for their Super Nintendo clone, the ‘Super Nt‘. The console allows gamers to play their original cartridges in high-definition.

Now Analogue are bringing the Yin to the Yang with their latest retro revival. The ‘Mega Sg’ is, you guessed it, a Mega Drive clone that does the same for SEGA fans as the Super Nt did for Nintendo’s.

Mega Sg Super Nt

I can feel the rage boiling up all over again!

The ‘Mega Sg’ comes in four colourways, three of which represent the key video game markets of the U.S, Europe and Japan. The fourth is a white version of the unit. A glossy ring detail echoes the aesthetic of the original consoles as does the reset button dotted with small holes.

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As with the ‘Super Nt’, this Mega Drive / Genesis clone will play your original cartridges in 1080P with zero lag. The company also boasts that you’ll experience no lag if you use the recommended 8BitDo wireless M30 gamepad. This isn’t bunded with unit, but can be purchased at a discounted price with a pre-sale of the ‘Mega Sg’. You can still use your original wired controllers too, but these are also not included.

Impressively, the ‘Mega Sg’ isn’t limited to playing Mega Drive games alone. In the box comes an adapter that allows you to dust off and play your Master System games too. There’s more. Rolling out in 2019 will be adapters for a number of other Sega consoles including the Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000.

The unit also has compatible expansion ports to connect to an original Sega CD / Mega CD.

So, apart from the fact that controllers are sold separately, this looks like a Sega fans dream. Especially since Sega are capitulating on their plans for a Mega Drive classic.

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Costing exactly the same as the ‘Super Nt’, the ‘Mega Sg’ will set you back $189.99 for the console. Controllers, however, are almost $15 cheaper for the Sega machine at $24.99 each.

Pre-orders are open now with shipping due to happen in April 2019.

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