The Analogue Super Nt – Original Games In 1080p

The Analogue Super Nt – Original Games In 1080p

Whilst mini versions of classic consoles is all the rage right now, most are coming with games built in. The Analogue Super Nt isn’t like that.

Fans of retro gaming tend to fall into a few different categories. The purists who insist that nothing will do better than the original hardware. The Raspberry Pi advocates who will tell you you’re wasting your time with physical games when you can download anything as a ROM. Then there’s the mini NES and SNES, the Mini Megadrive/Genesis and so on and so forth…

There’s also the clone consoles, which is essentially what this latest unit from Analogue is, but with a few notable differences.

Bridging the gap somewhat between an original SNES and a Mini, the Nt is a compact console which plays cartridges. In fact you can play any original SNES cartridge on this machine in 1080p high definition.

The company’s previous console, the Nt Mini was an NES clone built from a single slab of aluminium and weighed in at the hefty price of $449.00. A quality piece of kit, but really for the hardcore collector only.

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Fortunately the Super Nt is far more reasonably priced at $189.99, though not manufactured in quite such an extravagant fashion.

It still looks pretty though and comes in four styles. You can choose from a clear perspex casing, a sinister all black version or in colourways reminiscent of the U.S. SNES and U.K. or Japanese Super Nintendo / Super Famicom.

As with the Nt Mini, games will be upscaled to 1080p high definition and sound it presented in high fidelity. You have control over aspect ratio, resolution and other factors.

The units will accept existing SNES hardware and region free allowing you to play SNES and Famicom cartridges. There are also two original sized controller ports. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any controllers which will retail separately for $39.99.

Pre-orders are being taken for the units now at

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