The Rebellion Has Begun As Apestorm: Full Bananas Arrives On Mobile

The Rebellion Has Begun As Apestorm: Full Bananas Arrives On Mobile

Fugitive apes declare war on man in this mobile steampunk side-scroller.

Channel 4’s games division; All 4 Games and developer Snowhound have released the steampunk-inspired mobile title; Apestorm: Full Bananas and it’s available via the App Store and the Google Play store, marking the beginning of the Banana Rebellion.

Now whilst I consider myself a gamer, albeit not a hardcore one these days, I’m not much of a mobile gamer at all (mainly because my battery life sucks and I need music to block out the sounds of my daily commute!) but I was keen to give this a go.

So what exactly is Apestorm all about? Well All 4 Games describe it as is a “side-scrolling zeppelin bombing game set in a steampunk world”. You play the Fugitive Apes who have taken command of a stolen zeppelin and your aim is to save nature from man by achieving various targets which give you bananas which unlock power-ups and new levels.

You gain points by destroying man-made structures, freeing other apes and cows but you also have other objectives such as not destroying any trees or killing any birds. Now this may sound easy but trust me, it is easier said than done. Whilst you can control the speed and altitude of the zeppelin which then changes your bomb trajectory, one small misjudgment and you could have obliterated a cow pen or a chunk of forest. Luckily though, even if  you don’t achieve enough objectives to move on to the next level you don’t lose any bananas you may have gained for those objectives you did manage to pass so you can carry them on whilst you focus on one achievement at a time, which actually makes this game a lot less frustrating than it may be if you had to start from scratch each time.

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Graphically it’s a decent enough looking game, it’s easy to get to grips with and with 20 levels there’s likely to be plenty to do but for me it didn’t quite have enough to keep me hooked. After a while some of the comments that loop from the characters get pretty irritating and some objectives seem just too far out of reach to achieve so for £1.49 there may be more addictive games available for less.

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