April Fools Becomes Game Boy Reality!

April Fools Becomes Game Boy Reality!

An April fools joke from 2015 is now a reality, play original Nintendo Game Boy cartridges on your smartphone.

In 2015, the company Hyperkin who created the Retron 5, a console that uses real cartridges and emulates various 8 and 16 bit systems in order to play the games, posted online, an April fools joke.



Nicknamed the SmartBoy, the device allegedly allowed you to play real Nintendo Game Boy cartridges on your smartphone, in particular, the model always shown was Apple’s iPhone 6S.

A few days after, Hyperkin stated this wasn’t a prank but a test to see the public’s reaction. Pleased by what they saw, they decided to put the unit into production.

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The device had been teased last year via some tweets directly from Hyperkin, but the SmartBoy has been seen on display at this year’s E3 expo at the Los Angeles Expo Center.






As you can see the device uses real cartridges which are dumped into the phone’s memory and then played via emulation. Despite being originally announced for iOS devices, the model on display at E3 was a Samsung S7. This phone runs the Android operating system and Hyperkin said that this was the chosen format for the SmartBoy.

More details will probably be unveiled later in the year with the SmartBoy expected to be released in December ’16.

Thanks to Neowin via nintendolife for the story.

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