Are LEGO about to release a buildable Nintendo Entertainment System?

Are LEGO about to release a buildable Nintendo Entertainment System?

LEGO is teasing us on Twitter, but it looks a lot like we’re going to get to build an NES.

Are you ready to play like never before? asks LEGO on twitter. The answer is always yes, but the silhouette in their post teases more than it reveals.


But this is 2020 and secrets are hard to keep. Images from VJGamer reveal that LEGO is gearing up to release a fully buildable Nintendo Entertainment System. Not just the classic console with a controller, but also a retro television set and Super Mario Bros. cartridge.

Consisting of 2646 pieces, the set appears to incorporate a mechanism to make Mario move on-screen. The set also seems to be compatible with LEGO’s previously announced Mario collaboration in some way.

Some sources report that the set is full-size. We’re sceptical given how big the television would need to be in comparison. More likely it’s a scaled down version.

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Speculation is also rife regarding price. German LEGO fansite, Promo Brick, suggests the launch price will be €229 whilst Nintendo Life are reporting that the set will cost $250. Nether seem beyond the realms of reality and are in the same ballpark after conversion, so we’re expecting the set to cost around £200 when revealed in the U.K.

More news as it’s released.

Source | Engadget

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