Arnold Returns To Comedy With Killing Gunther

Arnold Returns To Comedy With Killing Gunther

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an assassin who can’t be killed in a new mockumentary, Killing Gunther

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in more films than people realise recently. His return to cinema after a stint as the Governor of California has been a mixture of high profile films along with some quite low key affairs that many people don’t realise are out there.

The acting giant who shot to fame as the Terminator reprised that role once again in the awful Terminator Genisys as well as appearing along side his old buddy Sylvester Stallone in the Expendables series.

But there’s also been films like Maggie, where he tries to look after his daughter who’s slowly transforming into a zombie and he refuses to hand her over to the authorities. Another example is the more recent Aftermath, when a fatal error by an air traffic control officer causes the death of some of Arnold’s family, he goes in search of the ATC officer for answers and revenge.

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Now Arnold moves away from action and drama and into comedy with Killing Gunther. Filmed in the mockumentary style, the film revolves around a set of disgruntled assassins who are all trying to kill Gunther, one of their own and the best.

The film also stars Cobie Smulders who most will recognise as Agent Hill from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whilst the film’s trailer obviously can’t hide the low budget, I’m hoping the comedy and storyline will more than make up for it.

Killing Gunther will debut on video on demand services on the 22nd September with a limited theatrical run starting October 20th. There is no work on a UK release date as yet.

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