Artist poses the perfect moral quandary set in the Spider-Verse

Artist poses the perfect moral quandary set in the Spider-Verse

Inspired by the Spider-Verse, What if Officer Jefferson stumbled upon Miles Morales at a Black Lives Matter rally he’s been sent to help disperse?

This is the question posed by talented illustrator, Marcus Williams. With over seven thousand Facebook shares, his transposition of Miles Morales’ relationship with his dad into current social events via the context of the Spider-Verse has hit a lot of people right in the feels.

The artist, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, found inspiration on Father’s Day. Posting on Facebook he wrote:

“Before Father’s day is over, I had a thought about Miles and his dad. I thought about the hard conversation that would eventually explode between the two if they were dealing with the current protest around the world.

What would officer Jefferson’s reaction be if while called to suppress and disperse a group of Black Lives Matters protesters, he came across his son Miles. The two locked in pure shock at seeing one another, wouldn’t save either of them from the raw conversation awaiting them at home.

Fueled by every ounce of protective fatherly intent, Jefferson would likely roar down on his son a dozen questions of his sanity. How dangerous it was for him to be attending a protest alone during such a volatile time in the city. All the while, Miles is building up the courage to defend his position and right to stand up for his beliefs. The mother, caught completely off guard by the eruption between the two could only attempt to deescalate the situation the best she can. She would ultimately fail once her son finally bursts with emotion, tears streaming down his face in retort to his father’s rage.

The conversation would not fare well, as tempers would cause Miles to retreat out of his window, web slinging away into the night. His vision blurred from the tears, broken hearted that his words couldn’t reach his father’s ears. Just a thought. Peace ya’ll.”

Williams accompanied his pondering with an incredible illustration that encapsulates the moment perfectly.

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