Ataribox Gets A Grown Up Name – Now Called Atari VCS

Ataribox Gets A Grown Up Name – Now Called Atari VCS

Atari show off their new console and peripherals at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and reveal a new name. Meet the Atari VCS.

What was called the ‘Ataribox’ now has a slightly more grown up, yet still retro, name. At this years’ Game Developers Conference in San Francisco the company revealed the new name is ‘Atari VCS’. The name change comes with a cool retro logo too.

Atari VCS Logo

With some 25,000 developers in attendance Atari have been wooing crowds with the latest version of their retro cool console alongside prototypes of a modern take on the classic joystick and a more contemporary joypad.

As previously reported, the new console will come in two versions, each of which echo the classic designs of the ’80s Atari 2600.

Concern grew in late December when the company cancelled plans to begin pre-orders at the eleventh hour. It’s been pretty quiet on the news front since. But hope springs eternal, and pre-orders are now expected to start next month in April.

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The ‘Atari VCS’ is anything but a new design for a box playing classic video games. Reportedly based on PC technology the intention is that the VCS will be a fully connected modern console. Classic games will be a part of the console’s games library, but expect new titles too.

The ‘Atari VCS’ will be the first console to bear the famous name since the ill-fated Jaguar in 1993.

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