Ataribox. We’re Still Waiting…

Ataribox. We’re Still Waiting…

The wait for the Ataribox is excruciating. The pre-order launch date was cancelled in mid-december and there’s still no word on when to expect the new “retro” machine from Atari.

Officially announced some six months ago, the team behind the Ataribox have never tried to disguise the fact that progress will be slow for the roll out of a new console bearing the Atari name, insisting that they want to “get this right“. But on the verge of the unit being made available in mid-december for pre-order, the plug was pulled.

Interest in Ataribox was piqued in June 2017 when a press release provided beautiful images of the console which takes cues from the 70’s classic Atari 2600. Modernised, yet reminiscent of the plastic and wood veneer many of us older gamers remember so fondly.

Ataribox Wood

On December 11th the news dropped that the wait would soon be over. Ataribox would be available for pre-order from the 14th of the month with an exclusive discount for early supporters. Perhaps aiming to build greater demand than supply it was stipulated that deals would be extremely limited.

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So limited in fact, that the pre-order launch was cancelled:

Launch Delay

The countdown to the Ataribox launch on Indiegogo has been officially paused. Because of one key element on our checklist, it is taking more time to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves. Building Ataribox is incredibly important to us and we will do whatever it takes to be sure it is worth the wait.

An updated launch plan is underway and more detailed information will be available soon. 

With an expected price point of between $249 and $299, depending on system type, the company are putting a lot of faith in fans blindly gambling on this mystery machine. We’ve seen no working consoles, no gameplay footage and in fact – nothing tangible at all, just some beautiful looking images.

Ataribox Plastic

Rolling into 2018 could it be that Ataribox has blown it’s big opportunity? The pre-christmas buying frenzy has passed and consumer faith in the project will have been dented by the sudden cancellation of the pre-order event.

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