Auxiliary Phoenix, Gentle Jones & Jesse Dangerously – Edge of the Universe

Auxiliary Phoenix, Gentle Jones & Jesse Dangerously – Edge of the Universe

As many of us crave space away from the confinements of Coronavirus induced quarantine, Auxiliary Phoenix, Gentle Jones and Jesse Dangerously provide brief musical respite.

Irish producer, Auxiliary Phoenix, teams up with vocalists, Gentle Jones and Jesse Dangerously, for an expansive musical collaboration.

The track finds long-time colleagues Gentle Jones and Jesse Dangerously laying down vocals over a calming beat that pays tribute to the vastness of the universe. Jones and Dangerously can trace their friendship as far back as the nineties and the heady days of When it was more an essential resource for independent musicians than the retro music blog it has now become.

Themed around the premise of taking someone you love to the farthest reaches of space the song is titled ‘Edge of the Universe’.

Accompanying the song is a lyric video, the visuals for which were created using stock imagery. The beauty of space echoed in the sweet sentiments of the track.

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‘Edge of the Universe’ provides a brief escape from the current confinements imposed by the effects of Coronavirus. Though quarantined in our homes, for a brief moment we can imagine ourselves lost in the vastness of space with the one we love.

About Auxiliary Phoenix | Auxiliary Phoenix (James Strain) is an experimental hip hop & jazz producer, multi-instrumentalist & DJ based out of Carlow, Ireland.

About Gentle Jones | Gentle Jones sits comfortably atop the Mason-Dixon line in his home state of Delaware, performing frequently as a Hip-Hop MC and DJ. He’s also done stints as the Frontman for The Bullbuckers (Ska band) and The Barons (Punk band), winning local awards and international acclaim.

About Jesse Dangerously | Growing up in Nova Scotia loving rap above all, Jesse began with lighter fare in 1989, embraced hardcore in the early 90s, and found his calling in the independent rap revolution at century’s end. All the while, he was honing his own style, ethos and skill set within a distinctly Haligonian hip-hop identity.

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