Backers of the failed Vega+ are urged to register as a creditor

Backers of the failed Vega+ are urged to register as a creditor

If you backed the ill-fated ZX Spectrum Vega+ indiegogo campaign you are urged to register as a creditor.

A winding up order has been placed against RCL (Retro Computers Limited) and liquidators are due to be appointed. Anyone that backed the failed crowd-funded project are being advised to register as a creditor if they ever hope to recoup some or all of their pledge.

June 2019 will mark the third anniversary of RCL’s original fulfillment date for orders. Via Indiegogo, the company raised £513,000 of investment from around 4.5k backers to develop, manufacture and deliver a handheld ZX Spectrum console. Dubbed the Vega+, many backers are still waiting for their product.

The campaign has proven to be a monumental failure which saw a final deadline date of June 2018 to deliver the product being put in place by Indiegogo before debt collectors were called in.

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A handful of poorly constructed units made their way out to a small number of backers who report that the console they received fell way below the specifications of the product they were promised.

Ultimately RCL have been unable to uphold their obligations and, after years of false promises and extended deadlines a winding up order was finally imposed on RCL a couple of weeks ago.

The next step is for a liquidator to be appointed to free up funds from assets with a view to settling as much of RCL’s debt as possible. This means that backers should register as creditors (customers owed money) if they hope to receive even a small amount of their initial £105 pledge back.

If you did back the project follow this link to register as a creditor now, before it’s too late.

Source: The Register

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