Bacon For All! First Trailer For Netflix’s Okja

Bacon For All! First Trailer For Netflix’s Okja

Plans for a breed of super pigs to be recalled for slaughter go awry due to a girls bond with the animals.

Ten years ago, a multinational company sent out several babies of a new breed of pig to be reared in outlying rural communities.

Fast forward to present times and the plan is to bring those creatures back to the city for slaughter and to prove how this new breed of animal could help feed the population.

The only problem is that one of these creatures has been named Okja and is loved by a young farm girl, Mija. She will stop at nothing to get her beloved Okja back!

Okja has been directed by Bong Joon-ho who previously brought us the excellent but criminally underseen Snowpiercer (A four-year-old film that still isn’t available on disc in the UK!).

The film was recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival and received great reviews, despite the booing at the start due to the appearance of the Netflix logo. The critics were displeased that a non-theatrical film had made it into the film festival.

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That’s right, this film is not headed to cinemas but rather Netflix and will be available from June 28th.

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