Batman ’66 / Green Hornet Crossover From Kevin Smith + Ralph Garman

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Batman ’66 / Green Hornet Crossover From Kevin Smith + Ralph Garman

In DC All Access hosts of the Smodcast Network podcast Hollywood Babble-On reveal a Batman ’66 / Green Hornet Crossover.

Regular listeners of Hollywood Babble-On will know that Ralph Garman not only flawlessly impersonates Adam West (amongst many others) but he and co-host, writer, director and comic book author Kevin Smith are massive fans of Batman. Smith has a whole weekly podcast dedicated to the caped crusader titled Fatman On Batman. It seems this fandom has led to the pair taking the helm for a Batman ’66/ Green Hornet crossover as revealed in DC’s online bite-sized news show DC All Access.

Smith is no stranger to writing comic books having already written for Daredevil, Green Arrow, The Green Hornet and Batman. This latest project will spin-off from the recent and popular Batman ’66 run and form a twelve part mini series featuring Green Hornet.

Check out the video for the reveal and visit for more on the story.

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Batman meets The Green Hornet

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