Batman Superman #1

Batman Superman #1

Batman Superman unleashed on the UK market

Readers who date back to our old site may remember that I reviewed Batman Superman back in July of 2013. DC have now teamed up with DC comics to reprint the title for the UK market.

Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Jae Lee and Ben Oliver the title focusses on a young Batman and Superman in a story that takes them from Gotham to Metropolis before thrusting them through time. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne don’t see eye to eye, Batman and Superman more-so as the pair of headstrong superheroes lock horns in a stubborn display of egotism. Things are complicated as Catwoman appears to be murdering Wayne Enterprises employees in Metropolis. However, a powerful unseen force is at play.

A young Batman and Superman struggle to get along, how will they fair against their older, wiser, more developed selves and the hidden enemy they must overcome.

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The artwork is crisp, clean and beautiful to take whilst the intriguing and developing relationship between these two great heroes is absorbing, though a little slow. It is worth sticking with it, especially through the next few issues.

Batman Superman is available from WH Smith and other good newsagents now or available to buy through Titan Magazines now.

You’ll also be treated to Injustice: Gods Among Us, a previous digital first story arc in this 76 page publication.

Batman/Superman ‘Cross World’


The World’s Finest meet for the very first time! But who has possessed Catwoman? Who or what is killing Wayne Enterprises employees? And most importantly why are there TWO Batmen?!

Injustice: Gods Among Us


The digital-first smash of 2013 starts here! Welcome to a brave new world where crime has been completely eradicated by the dictatorial ruler of Earth: Superman! But first, dear readers, a flashback or two…

Batman Superman 1

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