Batman V Superman Has An Official Title + Logo

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Batman V Superman Has An Official Title + Logo

Batman V Superman has an official title, and it’s not Sad Batman V Moody Superman.

What started out as a sequel to The Man Of Steel appears now to be a feature length trailer for a Justice League movie as the full title is revealed, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The film will focus on the first encounters between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne and their alter egos The Man Of Steel, Superman, and The Dark Knight, Batman.

One wonders how Henry Cavill must be feeling as the film has all but been hijacked by Ben Affleck as Batman with that character’s name taking first place in the title? A little contemplation also goes to how the film makers intend to maintain the hype for the film that isn’t due in cinemas until mid 2016 when they’ve already revealed Batman’s suit, given a glimpse of the Batmobil and exposed the film’s official title?

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Regardless, Man Of Steel was amazing (Yeah, I mean that haters) and Affleck looks bad-ass as sad Batman.

Batman Superman: Dawn of Justice

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