Batman’s Tumbler Pulls Out Of Gumball3000

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Batman’s Tumbler Pulls Out Of Gumball3000

Street legal Tumbler will not take part in the famous cross-continental rally.

Created in 1999 by British driver and designer Maximilian Cooper the Gumball rally has captured the imagination of car enthusiasts the world over. Each year rich playboys take their expensive supercars on an epic cross-continental endurance race.

There was one special car entered last year that was set to participate in the 2014 event too, Batman’s Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy. The street legal Batmobile created by Florida-based Parker Brothers Concepts was set to be driven by Team Galag in this year’s event which began on the 4th of June. However the team have run into problems and lay the blame squarely with Parker Brothers.

Galag state: “Parker Brothers Concepts have been given a year to fix the issues that were faced last year but chose not to do any work until it was too late to make any difference. We have been misled many times and were told that progress was being made and chose to put our trust in their word…They are also refusing to hand over the license plates in order to be able to drive the Tumbler legally on the road.”

So, sadly the Tumbler will not be racing in the European leg of this year’s Gumball 3000. Perhaps it could try for a third installment in this dark tale?

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Source: Lead Picture: Galag

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