Battlestar Galactica Vault | Review

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Battlestar Galactica Vault | Review

From start to finish, everything you need to know about Battlestar Galactica in full colour.

Compiled by Paul Ruditis and published by the same folk that brought us the wonderful Sci-Fi Chronicles comes Battlestar Galactica Vault, The Complete History Of The Series, 1978-2012. Remember when Starbuck was a guy and Richard Hatch wasn’t the bad guy, but played Adama’s son Apollo?

BSGVaultI have been a fan of Battlestar Galactica since the early eighties when, as a kid, I first saw the opening instalment. The grittiness of the ships, the designs, the way in which the lead characters were cool and the eeriness of perhaps the most significantly striking visual of the show, the Cylons and their robotic voices all captured my imagination. I was won over and watched every episode without fail. Attempts to revive the show in the eighties were ill-fated and misguided but Battlestar Galactica, or ‘BSG‘, as it became known by fans, received an unusually successful reimagining in 2003 allowing me to fall in love with the show all over again as an adult.

This entire journey, including the BSG spin-offs Caprica and Blood & Chrome, is captured in Battlestar Galactica Vault, a double hardcover book (as in, it has two folding hard covers) that chronicles the series from its inception to conclusion in 2012. Filled with full colour glossy images, facts , behind the scenes material and information there is enough here to entertain even the most learned of BSG fans. Most interesting for me are the concept drawings for both the original and re-imagined series. How a Viper could have looked and bombers that never made it into the show. The thing that blew me away most, because I’d never questioned or considered it as a child, was what was actually inside the Muffit suit.

The book comes with a double hard cover, the first depicting the re-imagined Battlestar with the inner cover sporting the original. Inside the front and back covers are paper envelopes in which there are reproductions of scripts, pictures and other collectibles. The author digs deep into the mythos behind the stories, the special effects and the social impact of the show with sections laid out clearly and written in an easy to follow style. Drawing on unique insights from the shows original producer Glen A.Larson and exclusive interviews you’ll find a comprehensive visual history of the show and it’s spin-offs. If, like me, you’re a fan of pretty picture, there are plenty to keep interest. Cast, crew, set designs, concept art and diagrams enrich every page. There’s also a fascinating insight into the legal dealings and agreements between the producers of the original Battlestar series and that other small sci-fi franchise… Star Wars.

If you have a BSG fan in your life, they need this book in their life.

Published by Aurum Press Battlestar Galactica Vault: The Complete History Of The Series, 1978-2012
is out now.

What’s your greatest memory of BSG over the years? Do you prefer the original series of the re-imagination? Hit us up with a comment.


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