COMPETITION CLOSED | WIN | Blueprint For A Battlestar Books

COMPETITION CLOSED | WIN | Blueprint For A Battlestar Books

Our friends at Quarto have provided three copies of ‘Blueprint for a Battlestar’ for us to give away. One each for three lucky readers.

The book published through the Aurum Press imprint offers ‘Serious scientific explanations behind sci-fi’s greatest inventions‘ and is compiled by NASA and JPL insider, Rod Pyle.

Rod Pyle spent ten years working for the Griffith Observatory in California as well as serving as Vice President of Communications for the World Space Foundation. He’s written numerous books based on NASA and their space missions and often writes for a number of popular websites and national newspapers. Pyle spent two years as a visual effects consultant on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’.

In ‘Blueprint for a Battlestar’ the author collates fascinating technological facets from science fiction throughout the years and applies workable, scientific thought processes to determine how feasible it is that a specific object could be created and what its application could be.

Through twenty five chapters Pyle investigates the feasibility of creating a Death Star, the rise of artificial intelligence, real-life hoverboards, Tri-corders and the search for life on other planets amongst many other topics.

Borrowing technological ideas from films like, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator and The Matrix the book looks at what current technologies could be applied to realising science fiction inventions, how achievable certain advancements are and how likely we are to master such technologies in the future.

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By his own admission Pyle doesn’t expect to get everything right. Predicting the future isn’t that easy. What the author does, however, is apply his many year of experience as a forward thinker in space and technological advancements to compile an interesting and comprehensive vision of how possible futuristic cinematic visions are and what their real-world applications could be.

Whilst being concise and easy to read, the content references particular movies, though doesn’t directly address how that specific piece of tech would be created. Don’t expect a schematic or detailed listing of how a Terminator is going to be created. The book takes a far more optimistic view of the future and alludes to what advances in similar technology could be utilised for.

For this reason the ‘Blueprint for a Battlestar’ becomes just a little less accessible for the average sci-fi fan, but far more fascinating for those interested in the real-world applications of ideas seen in movies and on television.

The entire book is beautifully illustrated by James Carey and presented in a full colour, high-quality hardback edition.

‘Blueprint for a Battlestar’ is available to buy now as a hardcover copy for £20 or enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning one of three copies. Details below.


“‘Blueprint for a Battlestar’ is the perfect read for that person who likes to question just how possible sci-fi technology really is. – 4/5”

Blueprint for a Battlestar Cover


It’s easy to be in with a chance of winning one of three copies of ‘Blueprint for a Battlestar’

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